EFF takes part in the international conference on peace in Iraq

On March 2nd3rd, 2015 International Conference “Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Iraq” took place in Riga, Latvia. It brought together parliamentarians, ambassadors, researchers, academics and political leaders from the European Union, the USA, the UN and Iraq. The development of an effective, global solution platform to end the crisis in Iraq peacefully was the main focus of this high level conference and its objective.

What is a restriction of competition and when is it a restriction by object?

“Our competitors are our friends, our customers are the enemy”, this could be the unofficial motto of a company in a cartel.  Even though this sentence is of course a simplistic definition, it shows abstractly some major aspects of a restriction of competition in terms of Art.101 TFEU: The competitors are friends, which implies that there must be a kind of consensus preventing them to take actions against each other’s interest.


Germany: fear of terrorist attacks

In a confidential report quoted by the daily Die Welt on 13 January, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) warned that there may be copycat terrorists ready to carry out attacks similar to those seen in France. Although the situation of Muslims in Germany is different from that in France, information about the assault in Paris has contributed to Germans feeling an increasing sense of threat.


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